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Best of Worst of

The podcast that takes the good with the bad in the world of pop culture

Dec 29, 2023

This week, Jesse and Jason catch up on all the things they have been watching over the past few weeks.

Discussed on this episode:

Leo, Maestro, Leave the World Behind, The Boys in the Boat, In the Heart of the Sea, Happiest Season, Klaus, Better Watch Out, Blackberry, Slow Horses, Fargo, The Curse, and Indiana Jones...

Dec 22, 2023

In our final Christmas themed episode of the year, Jesse and Jason look once again to Christmas movies, this time looking for their favorite and least favorite Musical Moments. 

Theme Song: The Big Idea by Amigo

Dec 15, 2023

It's the festive time of year, so Jesse and Jason want to make sure you either feel validated or horribly attacked for the way you decorate for Christmas, by picking the Best and Worst Christmas decorations. 

Theme Music: The Big Idea by Amigo

Dec 8, 2023

What's that you hear? A noise on the roof?  Well, this week Jesse and Jason have you covered as they discuss rooftop scenes in movies, with a little Christmas flair. 

Theme Song: The Big Idea by Amigo

Dec 1, 2023

Original Release Date: 12/15/2021

Classic episode for you guys this week. Jesse and Jason discuss the Best and Worst of Gifts given in Christmas Movies. 

Theme Music: The Big Idea by Amigo