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Best of Worst of

The podcast that takes the good with the bad in the world of pop culture

Sep 29, 2023

This week, Jesse and Jason discuss their fav and least fav Villainous TV Characters.

Theme Music: The Big Idea by Amigo

Sep 22, 2023

Part of our Retrospective series, we look back at the movies of 2013 and pick our picks for Best and Worst. 

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Sep 15, 2023

Jesse and Jason dive into the world of M&Ms by tasting 9 different flavors, live on air.  As well as bringing some fun facts and hopefully some funny moments. 

Sep 8, 2023

In honor of their 200th episode, Jesse and Jason go back the beginning and refresh their first ever podcast by assembling a team of characters from Spielberg movies to conduct a mission. 

Special Thanks to our listeners for keeping us going for 200 episodes. 

Theme Music: The Big Idea by Amigo

Artwork: Wes...

Sep 1, 2023

On this episode, Jesse and Jason discuss the TV and Film they have been watching over the last few weeks, we call it, What We're Watching. 

Discussed on this episode:  Guardians of the Galaxy 3, The Flash, The Blackening, Scream 6, Nightmare on Elm Street, Haunted Mansion, TMNT Mutant Mayhem, They Cloned Tyrone, Only...