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Best of Worst of

The podcast that takes the good with the bad in the world of pop culture

Feb 23, 2024

The guys discuss the things they have been watching over the last few weeks.  Mentioned on this episode:  Succession, John Adams, Jury Duty, True Detective: Night Country, Mr and Mrs Smith, The Crown, Curb your Enthusiasm, The Floor, Past Lives, The Family Plan, Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery...

Feb 16, 2024

In honor of Valentine's Day this week, they guys pick the best and worst Movie Kisses.

Theme Music: The Big Idea by Amigo

Feb 13, 2024

Each year, the guys do retrospective reviews of the movies from a year 10, 20, or in this case 30 years in the past.   

Theme Music: The Big Idea by Amigo

Feb 2, 2024

This week the guys dive into what may seem absurd but turns out to be quite a fun episode talking Zoos and Zoo Animals.

Theme Music: The Big Idea by Amigo